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Are you planning to travel and need a professional house sitter to make regular checks to ensure your home is safe and secure? Do you need someone to water your gardens in the summer or make sure your furnace is running in the winter?

Not only is an unattended home a prime target for criminals, but most residential insurance policies require you have your home checked regularly, even if you have an alarm system.  Check your insurance policy to be certain.

Because life continues while you are away, we can assist with the following:

Reduce stress on your pets by having them cared for in their own homes. From daily dog walks to feeding fish and kitty visits, we provide the personal attention that your pet needs to flourish in your absence.

As an experienced and insured professional service, we are committed to ensuring that your home and pets are kept safe and sound in your absence.

Fees for performing services beyond the one hour minimum are billed in fifteen minute increments.  Service time includes any and all travel time required to fulfill the Client’s requested services.

Email us now. We would be happy to help. Call or text 780.916.9508